What to do when your office fitout is over budget

It can be disheartening to learn that your office fitout is over budget, but there are steps you can take to bring it back.

Take a moment to revaluate your initial list of needs and wants for the fitout. Decide which items are essential and which can be scaled back or delayed.

Identify the key areas of your business that require the most investment, such as meeting rooms, workstations, or communal spaces, and prioritise spending.

Determine cost-saving measures that can be implemented without compromising the quality of the fitout, such as using more affordable materials, selecting less expensive furniture, or sourcing alternative suppliers. This is certainly something we can help you with.

Our biggest tip is to get your contractor involved early in the project. Using this approach can save you time and money by not having to go back and forth with design.

Trade availability should be discussed with your contractor. When certain trades are in high demand, and therefore costs more than expected, it is sometimes possible to adjust the design without losing the design intent.

Involve stakeholders in the process of resolving the overruns and keep them informed. If there are any delays or changes in the project timeline, discuss potential solutions.

The good news is that even if your new office fitout goes over budget, there are often ways to manage the situation and still get the high-quality fitout you need.

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