Projects / education and science

St Columba’s School

  • Budget


  • Project Size

    2000 sqm

  • Timeline

    52 weeks

Premis was engaged to deliver a three-stage project at St. Columba’s Primary school in Wilston.

Stage 1

Involved the installation of new infrastructure to allow services to be run. The works involved the relocation of the school’s security, data, and power systems, that supply the whole school, as well as the provision of a new water feed and sewer.

In addition to new infrastructure, a new communications room was built, enabling staff to be relocated to an adjacent building that acted as a temporary administration facility until the new building was constructed.

Stage 2

The next stage involved the construction of the school’s new administration facilities – the main feature of the development facing Kedron Brook Road, and the central hub for the school. The first floor of the building houses the amenities and administration, while the second floor contains classrooms and general study areas.

Stage 3

Stage three involved the demolition of the old amenities building, including the removal of asbestos from the site and the construction of a high-level covered area with associated external works in its place. All Asbestos removal works were carried out over weekends or after-hours when no school student or staff were present on-site in the interest of safety.