Social Responsibility

At Premis we have a genuine interest in doing the right thing and giving back to community.

We focus on:

  • Providing an ethical and inclusive workplace creating a better working environment for everyone.
  • As a team we give regularly to local community charities
  • We commit to sustainable practices
  • We stand up for and support issues that we are passionate about
  • Donations


We proudly support

Modern Slavery

Premis is committed to utilising ethical suppliers and ensuring that any modern slavery risks in Premis’ operations and supply chains are identified and that steps are taken to address these risks – as per the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2018.


Premis is committed to better quality and environmental practice across our operations. We conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, clearly reflecting a commitment to fostering the sustainable use of the earth’s resources. We implement and maintain the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. We Minimise the negative impacts we may have on the environment, through efficient use of resources, and reduction in emissions and waste.

Indigenous Participation Policy

Premis Solutions acknowledges the introduction of the Indigenous Procurement Policy by the Federal Government in 2015, is designed to provide indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy. We recognise the valuable contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make in the construction industry and we hope to deepen our commitment to increasing cultural awareness, reducing inequality, and creating tangible opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Premis recognises that Equal Employment Opportunity is a matter of employment obligation, social justice and legal responsibility. It also recognises that prohibiting discriminatory policies and procedures is sound management practice.

Premis is committed to creating a workplace culture that maximises organisational performance through employment decisions. These decisions will be based on real business needs without regard to non-relevant criteria or distinctions, and will ensure that all decisions relating to employment issues are based on merit.

Domestic Violence Policy

Premis recognises that domestic and family violence is serious and prevalent in the Australian community. Domestic and family violence can have a significant impact on those experiencing it, and it may affect attendance or performance at work. We recognise domestic violence is fostered by a culture in which there is inequality between men and women. We are committed to addressing domestic violence and supporting employees affected by it.