Rothwell Nazarene Residential Aged Care Refurbishment

  • Budget


  • Project Size

    5000 sqm

  • Location


Premis is currently delivering a large refurbishment project for Blue Care at Rothwell. The full refurbishment covers the entire 90 beds and common areas.

Due to the home remaining open and operational, the refurbishment is being undertaking in six stages, with each stage focusing on a complete makeover of 15 bedrooms, along with their ensuites, corridors, and various common areas such as lounges, activity rooms, and dining areas. The project is designed to enhance the living experience of the residents through modern and functional upgrades.

Each stage of the project involves a partial strip-out of rooms, and the demolition of walls in communal spaces to create a more open and inviting environment. The ensuites are being upgraded with new tiles and clinical basins, while the bedrooms are receiving new bedheads and fixtures all contributing to a refreshed and contemporary look. The refurbishment extends to the installation of new flooring, painting, and tiling throughout the facility, significantly elevating the overall look and feel.

A key aspect of the project is the addition of air conditioning in rooms that previously lacked this feature, ensuring improved comfort for the residents. Technological upgrades are also a major focus, with improvements to the nurse call systems, power, data, and lighting. The safety of the residents is paramount, evidenced by the installation of a new active fire exhaust system and automated fire louvers that activate in fire mode, significantly boosting the facility’s emergency response capabilities.

Some of the challenges including the discovery of several latent conditions, leading to additional works. While there is a standard design template for all stages, each wing or stage presents its unique variations, demanding a flexible and adaptable approach. Special attention is given to the Memory Support Unit (MSU), where additional noise control measures and heightened security are imperative.

The project’s logistics are complex, considering access restrictions for deliveries due to the facility’s active ring road and heavy traffic. Work hours are confined to 7 AM to 4 PM on weekdays, with no weekend operations, to minimise disruption to the facility’s daily operations. Moreover, service shutdowns are strategically scheduled for mid-morning or mid-afternoon, considering the residents’ routines.

At certain stages, upgrading the switchboards necessitated the use of temporary boards to ensure the facility’s continued operation. This project showcases Premis’s ability to navigate and manage the complexities of refurbishing a live and active care facility while prioritising the safety, comfort, and well-being of its residents. Through careful planning, innovative solutions, and a resident-centric approach, Premis is transforming the Rothwell RAC facility into a modern, safe, and comfortable home for its residents.