University of Queensland – Goddard Lecture Theatre

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    17 weeks

The University of Queensland (UQ) is in the top 100 universities worldwide and the largest university in Queensland.

The Michie and Goddard Buildings form the entrance to the Great Court, one of the University’s most unique and well-known features, and home to lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, museums, laboratories, and the offices of academic staff.

Premis was contracted to deliver the refurbishment of the Heritage Listed Goddard 212 lecture theatre. Whilst all lecture theatres in the Great Court Buildings have been modernised over a period of time, the University wished to preserve the heritage significance of ‘Goddard 212’, the last of the original tiered lecture theatres remaining in its original design format.

‘The architectural design by Riddel Architecture (now Conrad Gargett), retains elements of the original, conveying the history of the space in a teaching environment of previous generations, whilst incorporating contemporary teaching and learning technologies.’

The solution involved the creation of a dramatic glass entry portal including an automatic door, and full width, custom-designed lightbox at the rear of the theatre. The project also included re-installation of the original corridor windows, an under-floor air conditioning plant solution, new ceiling, and various compliance upgrades. Heritage features such as the original flooring and desks were also protected. The result is a moving tribute to a time, place and man that have great significance for generations of students and staff at this historic institution.