Wesley Hospital

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Wesley Hospital Kitchen Refurbishment

  • Budget


  • Project Size

    700 sqm

  • Timeline

    33 weeks

  • Location

    Auchenflower, Queensland

Premis accomplished a successful nine-stage refurbishment of the Wesley Hospital Kitchen while ensuring the kitchen remained operational throughout.

The refurbishment project involved the transitioning to a new room service model, enabling it to effectively meet the demands of preparing 1,200 meals daily.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, the project incorporated measures to minimise food waste, including the implementation of an innovative meal management system, CBORD (Computerised Bedside Ordering). This system revolutionises the meal ordering process, that allows patients to order meals based on their appetite. This system has already proven effective in significantly reducing food waste.

To enhance efficiency in meal production, Premis installed a range of modern appliances such as induction cooktops and high-speed ovens. In addition, the company ensured the kitchen’s sustainability goals by installing the most water and energy-efficient commercial dishwasher available, resulting in substantial water cost savings. These upgrades align with the hospital’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Premis also undertook a comprehensive upgrade of the kitchen’s mechanical and electrical services.

Throughout the project, Premis showcased their expertise in design coordination, ensuring a smooth and successful refurbishment. The company worked diligently, including extensive out-of-hours, to accommodate necessary shutdowns for services works, demonstrating their commitment to meeting deadlines and minimising disruptions.

Premis is proud of their partnership with the Wesley Hospital in completing the live staged refurbishment of their kitchen. By implementing sustainable practices, installing state-of-the-art appliances, and leveraging advanced technology, the kitchen underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming a modern and progressive facility.