Our expertise working in live environments

Delivering projects in a live and operational environment means there are a lot of risks that may impact building occupants and other stakeholders. Premis has over 15 years’ experience delivering projects in “live” environments. Our ability to deliver on our clients’ needs within these environments is what we believe truly sets us apart.

Having delivered a total of 1200 projects, the majority of which have been in complex live environments, the team is extremely adept at dealing with the common challenges, risks and requirements of live environments including:

  • Noise
  • Infection and contamination control
  • Service interruption
  • Access including limited access times and areas
  • Communication strategies with all relevant stakeholders
  • Site protection
  • Storage and amenities
  • Hoarding requirements
  • Crane lifts and supply delivery coordination
  • Hazardous materials

Our experience has shown us that communication is key to working in live environments. We have established processes, procedures and management systems tailored towards a proactive ‘zero accidents’ approach and minimising disruption to operational services.

Our sound methodology means we complete work quickly, efficiently and with the least possible disruption.

This is what some of our clients have had to say:

“Premis made workplace health and safety a priority. Even with up to two dozen workers on site, we had no concerns for the wellbeing of our students. When large structures were delivered or loud equipment was being used, the contractor gave the school plenty of warning and used a number of strategies to mitigate the impact on the operations of the school. A full site clean up left the area as it was before any work had commenced. We are extremely satisfied with the final product.”

Mark Fisher, Principal, Taigum State School

“I have worked with many building companies in the educational sector and my experience with all team members of Premis has been excellent. I would thoroughly recommend them to any school or college.”

Martin Wilkie, Principal, St Columba’s Primary School

Some of the projects we have completed in live environments include:

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